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Strollers come in lots of shapes and sizes. Here in one convenient place we provide all the information you need to choose the best baby stroller for your child. The ratings and reviews on this site are based on the opinions of experts in the field, product specifications provided by stroller manufacturers, laboratory tests, and feedback from parents.

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What kind of stroller should I choose?

You will buy a lot of gear for your baby and a stroller is one of the most important. You will need a stroller from the moment you bring your baby home until he or she can do without one. 

Stroller prices range greatly so know your budget and needs before narrowing down the options. Lightweight umbrella strollers are easier to travel with and store in your trunk, while full size stroller systems have helpful extras and additional storage. Remember you do not have to spend a ton of money to get the best stroller for you with so many affordable options on the market.

The best deals on popular stroller brands!

Some brands are more popular among parents than others, and these stand out from the crowd. These are trusted brands that deliver the best possible convenience to you and your child because these manufacturers have decades of research to back their products.

Some brands focus only on manufacturing quality strollers, while others provide a full spectrum of great baby products. By clicking on each brand, you can discover the most popular and highest rated strollers currently available.

Stroller Guidelines

Strollers caused an estimated 10k injuries last year that were treated in an emergency room. Most of these were caused by folding mechanisms or restraint buckles and latches.

Teach your child to not enter the stroller until it is fully opened and secured. Many injuries occur from a child climbing into a stroller while the caregiver is still unfolding it.

Be careful lifting a collapsed stroller off the ground or out of the trunk of a car. An unlocked stroller might suddenly unfold or fingers and hands can get caught when the wheels start to turn.

Ratings & Comparison 

Our ratings and comparisons examine many different strollers and compare them based on a number of metrics. Remember that stroller designs are frequently updated, so there may be changes in specifications that are noted on the product pages. 

Be aware of product recalls as well. Before you buy, check to see if that specific model of stroller that you are considering is on a recall list. Add a recall fact here. 

When looking at our stroller reviews, consider your child’s and your family’s needs. 

Here are some things to consider: 

Do you plan on having more children? You will want a stroller that can be passed on to your younger sibling or even a double stroller. 

Will you be transferring the stroller up stairs, in tight areas, or narrow hallways? You will want a lightweight or umbrella option 

Are you on a tight budget? You’ll want to focus on safety and durability over style. 

Do you have a small car or house? You’ll want a compact stroller that can fold easily for storage. 

Note: This page will be updated as frequently as possible as product specifications are updated and new products emerge.